Training for a Biathlon

The athletics endeavor I chose to participate in or support are varied. Sometimes while I do not indulge in something in particular, I have a friend or relative who does. Thus, most sports pique my interest. Water recreation, winter sports, and anything from a relay race to a marathon are possible. You might also include baseball, tennis, golf, or hockey. I am currently training for a biathlon that includes cross-country skiing plus rifle shooting. I already have a firearm awaiting use in its gun safe.

I am looking forward to the excitement of this challenge and having to do two activities equally well. For me, a biathlon can’t just be any two sports. This time it happens to coincide with my skills and interests. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, a biathlon or triathlon has its special moments. It is an entirely different animal from the basic, most common events. You feel a particularly strong sense of achievement when you do well at multiple tasks. It is a feeling like no other. Hence my decision to participate. Plus, the biathlon is part of a fundraiser for a gay cause.

I am getting out my rifle in order to clean and inspect it for imminent use. I must assure myself that it is in good order. I guess you might say that checking it over and then shooting at a gun range are part of my training. I don’t want to be rusty at half of my upcoming challenge. I love cross-country skiing and have been tackling that aspect of the event as frequently as I can. In the area where I live, there is ample opportunity.

I bought the best gun safe for the money, and installed it in the spare room that I also call the rec room of the house. Because it houses a weapon for sports, it is not in the bedroom close at hand for robbery protection where you might expect it. I certainly could put a pistol or two in there as there is plenty of room. For now, it is the repository of one lone rifle. Maybe in the future its purpose will grow. After all it is water and fireproof and could house vital documents, precious assets, or even cash.

I am a pretty good marksman and shot, so this part of the biathlon should go smoothly. If my skiing can be brought up to snuff, I have a good shot of winning or placing. No matter. Whatever happens, I will enjoy the process.

Practice makes perfect and I am diligently doing my best to advance my skills. Meanwhile, the rifle goes back into the gun safe when not needed to make sure there is no unauthorized access. Guns are a big responsibility whether to deter theft or for athletic usage. Accidents in the home can happen at any time with members of the family or even guests. It pays to use the gun safe for the purpose intended and keep firearms locked up and secure.