Locker Room Funk

I am lucky enough to have a home gym and it is not miniscule. It takes up the entire spare room and I can fit quite a bit of equipment inside. I have a small treadmill, stair climber, and some weights and balls. I have been known to invite friends over to work out, but there is a residual problem: locker room funk. Even one person can create this sorry state of affairs, but try two or three at once. You have to air out the place mighty fast if you want to reuse the room in the immediate future. Odors linger everywhere. While you can resort to those nasty perfumy room deodorizer, an air purifier like one from the brand Therapure is surely a better way to go.

Some genius invented this appliance to give a family a healthy home environment, and it is much appreciated by those with asthma, allergies, and odors. As the parent company of Therapure says, we pulled out all the stops when we created our Therapure line of home air purifiers – to help you ensure the air your family breathes is free of allergens, pollutants, irritants, germs, and toxins. Our new Therapure Tower air purifiers are engineered for maximum effectiveness and because of this, we outpace the competition. Well, I certainly believed the ads and went out and bought one that uses a HEPA filter, has UV light, and boasts of Photo Catalyst technology. The device tackles odors as well as it does airborne pollution of other types. As the ads go on to say, it is tough on germs but easy on your wallet under $150 at the most, so you have no excuse not to own one to cure locker room funk. I selected the TPP220M that is compact and portable, great for spare rooms like my gym. The tower design is attractive and you have a choice of a couple of colors. You get an automatic timer so the machine keeps on working while you attend to other matters in your home. You can spend a little more to get more power (triple action purification if you have a larger room and want maximum protection against indoor pollution, including odors.) It is up to you to decide if you have a “heavy need” for a more expensive model. Those with chronic health conditions swear by them. As for me, the basic model will suffice. You get enough efficiency and technology to satisfy your needs. Only a real gadget lover would want more. For looks and affordability, just follow my lead with the basic TPP220M. There are vast numbers of these air purifiers on the market so you can watch for deals and specials.

Now that the air purifier is in constant use, I never balk at inviting friends over for a day at the local gym. I don’t have to fear offending the subsequent groups. No one wants to smell locker room funk. I wasn’t about to spend a lot of m y spare time scrubbing and disinfecting. With the Therapure, I don’t have to.