A Fun Way to Supercharge Your Fitness

Fitness isn’t confined to the gym alone. Sure, we go there all the time and it is usually our workout place of choice. Some people like to jog in the park or around the neighborhood, but others have other options. In the gym, all the equipment is close at hand not to mention the weights, ropes, stretch bands, and more. If you want a trainer to show you the ropes, you got it. The gym is the temple of health. You see people almost treat it with reverence. More and more people are becoming regular aficionados. They hog the machines for hours. They have their routines and it is a fixed part of their life schedule. You either go early in the morning or after work as you prefer. No matter. The important point is to stay fit and healthy. After all, the experts say eat right and exercise: these are the rules of a sound life. It is rather simple. Just do it regularly and with zeal. The results will come.

Playing sports is a close second for me to the gym. I love the group camaraderie and the outdoor venues. There is no better way to supplement your gym workout. What is different in my book is doing it at the beach. It is a unique place to indulge as you bask in the warmth of the sun and enjoy vistas of the water. It is easy when you are hot to take a quick dip. Playing volleyball, for example, on the sand adds a new level of intensity to workouts. It seems that the density of the sand means that you have to use more energy to lift your feet and move about. I highly recommend switching your playing field to the beach for a nice change of pace. It’s a fun way to supercharge your fitness. Otherwise, things can get a bit dull.

Yes, I have to tote a lot of stuff with me to the beach—the usual sporting equipment and a cooler full of cold beverages and maybe a few energy-boosting snacks. It is all part of the process. No, I don’t carry them one by one to my destination of course. That would be tedious. I have a beach wagon like these that fits in the back of my van. You can put everything on it all at one time so you can transport efficiently and quickly with little fuss or effort. I got it years ago when I first started my beach sports activities and it is always waiting and ready to go at the drop of a hat. In essence, it stays compact in the back of my vehicle. Come winter, it goes in the garage. If you don’t have a beach cart, you better enlist some friends to help carry the equipment. Be wise, however, and get yourself a cart. It’s so practical that you won’t mind make beach trips a regular endeavor.