I Love Summer

Summer is a great time to stay fit because there are so many outdoor activities. There is nothing that beats jogging in the park. It is a beautiful environment—all those tall and leafy green trees—and there is a nice path that is never overrun. You find yourself with maybe one or two other joggers and the way is perfectly clear. You smile as you pass the occasional participant and often you stop to talk. Once or twice you go for coffee to have a chat.

There is something glorious about the warm days that makes you friendly. It is because you know you are getting fit and it makes you feel positive and upbeat. I alternate jogging with a gym workout which is a normal occurrence for me. I warm up with the treadmill and go on to other machines that tone and firm various parts of the body. There is a lot of lifting, bending, lunging, stretching, and the like. You want to break out in a sweat to know your time has not been wasted. But sometimes it gets too hot and the sweat is an annoyance.

When this happens I opt for my above ground pool to stay in shape. It is big enough to do decent laps and the cool water is a blessing on a hot day. It doesn’t replace a gym routine, but it is a welcome alternative when you get bored by the usual regime. The pool offers various strategies for staying fit. You can swim of course and kick your legs harder than usual. You can lean against the side of the pool and stretch and bend. Varying your strokes while swimming gets all parts of the body so don’t forget to do the backstroke or the butterfly along with the customary crawl. Varying your speed and technique is the key to success.

I have to clean the pool as a rule once a week, so I incorporate using the pool cleaner in my workout. I like to spend at least an hour doing everything. Then I get out of the pool, turn off the cleaner, dry off with a towel, and proceed to rest on a lawn chair. I don’t have to do the cleaner every time so I add a few extra exercises out of the pool to make up for the time I usually put in. Getting an above ground pool was a special treat for which I had to save up. It turns out that it was a great decision. As someone who likes to work out, it gives me an alternative place and the toning takes on a different color so to speak. Each exercise you do addresses a different muscle, so it is wise to vary what you do weekly. They say that swimming is the best overall workout there is and I believe it if you do it right and for a long enough period of time.

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